Multiplier event in Bulgaria

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The multiplier event in Bulgaria was organized by the partner Cluster Sofia knowledge city in Sofia on 22nd February 2024. The event aimed to demonstrate the success of the project and raise the broader awareness of the target groups and the stakeholders in Bulgaria about the importance of green skills for better employability.

The participants were involved in both presentations and hands-on sessions organized as workshops where they were able to test “The avocado boy” game. The audience included teachers and trainers from vocational education and training (VET), agriculture sector, school education, universities, HR professionals of companies, students, managers, NGOs and other.

The focus of the event was achieving impact among the participants, sharing experience, expertise, ideas, knowledge, networking and learning more about the opportunities in the sustainability fields. The goal was not only to share the outcomes and results produced during the duration of the project DEGREBE. In addition, the scope was broadened to cover the general challenges of business and education with green skills development form one side and attracting and engaging students – from another.

The game proved to be successful in engaging students and raising their level of awareness about the attitude and behavior closely related and impacting sustainability.