DEGREBE Multiplier event in Czech Republic

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The multiplier event organized by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) for the DEGREBE project was held at the Green Table, a versatile venue known for its conducive atmosphere for work, discussions, and events focused on sustainability.

The event aimed to disseminate the outcomes of the DEGREBE project, with a specific focus on practical applications for stakeholders in vocational education and training (VET), educators, and HR professionals from companies.

Featuring a range of topics related to the project, the event included presentations on the project’s objectives, methodologies, and results. Speakers from the educational field provided insights into the importance of green entrepreneurship and sustainable practices in VET.

A highlight of the event was the interactive workshops where participants had the opportunity to engage with project materials and tools firsthand. The DEGREBE game, designed to simulate real-world scenarios in green entrepreneurship, garnered significant interest and participation from attendees.

Throughout the event, networking sessions facilitated discussions and knowledge sharing among participants from various sectors. The collaborative atmosphere encouraged the exchange of ideas and best practices for integrating green entrepreneurship into educational curricula.

The multiplier event served as a platform for sharing project outcomes, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and providing practical insights for promoting green entrepreneurship in VET and educational contexts.