DEGREBE is a project funded by Erasmus+ that aims to help young professionals and students in the agricultural sector to develop their green and transversal skills.

Why did we decide to implement this project? 

As environmental issues are globally affecting our planet, several existing companies have switched perspectives to go green, while start-up companies have gained much popularity with the implementation of environmental-friendly policies in the past decade. Due to these new implementations, employers are looking for candidates with new green skills. Therefore, it is crucial to develop the green skills of Generation Z members who have just entered the labour market. The project addresses one of the core pillars of this paradigm. Moreover, our project addresses the need for digital transformation, the use of digital technologies for pedagogical, administrative, technical, and organizational change, which is a notable aspect especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

What do we hope to achieve? 

We want to provide in-depth knowledge about environmental and climate-change challenges through the development of soft skills which can help in the acquisition and reinforcement of green skills, because green skills are becoming particularly important for future generations, as many firms will require their employees to be able to show skills relating to such fields. We believe that a special focus on green soft skills will strengthen and arm future candidates for an effective self-representation within the labour market.

What are our results? 

We intend to develop and implement: 

  • a digital educational package, in the form of an online interactive game, for students and young professionals.  
  • a Guidebook for teachers and trainers. The manual will explore the idea of gamification, and how this methodology can be applied by teachers in their own classrooms. 

What can we tell about our game? 

It will focus on the development of soft skills which can contribute to the acquisition of the most important green skills. The tool will be based on a framework structured around the main narrative and will contain five different knowledge bases. Each knowledge base will have an evaluation system, helping with the assessment of the accumulated knowledge on knowledge on the most important green skills related soft skills. In addition, the structure will contain decision trees allowing students to reflect on what they have learned by selecting from a number of choices at their disposal. These decision trees will be wrapped in a unique, gamified storyline, in relation to the main narrative, which will be similar to the game experience provided by visual novels. The storyline of the finished digital tool will be based on real-life scenarios, situations, examples, and challenges regarding environmental protection in the agricultural sector.  

Learners will be able to make their own choices to progress with the story while exploring the world of DEGREBE and becoming more and more familiar with the concepts of green and transversal skills. 

DEGREBE Project No. 2021-1-HU01-KA220-VET-000024924 has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.​

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