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The 1st newsletter for DEGREBE project is out!


October 2022 

Welcome to the first Newsletter of the Erasmus+ project DEGREBE! 

The partnership behind DEGREBE during our last in-person activity in Limassol, Cyprus 

What about DEGREBE?

DEGREBE – Developing Green Skills for Better Employability is an Erasmus+ project for Vocational Education and Training (VET) aiming to equip the younger workforce and students enrolled in studies related to agriculture with the necessary green and transversal skills for the future necessities of the job market. 🌿 

The project started in December 2021 and will last 30 months. It is implemented in Hungary, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece and Bulgaria.  

The DEGREBE approach 

DEGREBE is not only the name of our project, but it is also a virtual space 🖥️ where our story will take place. While learning about ideas and concepts of sustainability and related skills, the players will explore the world of DEGREBE on their quest to find a cure for a most likely pollution-induced disease! ♻️ 

Talk with the inhabitants of DEGREBE, collect clues on sustainable solutions for the future and make the necessary decisions to solve the mystery at the centre of the game. 🎮 

Educational packages take up a new vest in DEGREBE thanks to the creativity and knowledgeability of the 6 organisations working on this project. 🖌️ 

Complimentary to the virtual world, a concrete manual on how to exploit gamification principles in trainers’ classrooms! 

Latest activities 

The work on the project started as early as December 2021, with the partners convening in Budapest for the Kickoff meeting of DEGREBE.

The first result that is going to be presented is a transnational research on green and transversal skills: which are the most relevant ones, and in which direction should the partnership go to create an exciting world for young learners. More than 200 young enthusiasts contributed! 

The Joint Staff Training Activity in Cyprus offered the opportunity for expert trainers to share their knowledge with project partners on how DEGREBE can become a thrilling story in the months to come.

Do you know what a decision tree is?  You will soon get to know it as well! 

More news coming from Bulgaria soon next month!

Developing Green Skills for Better Employment 

Project N. 2021-1-HU01-KA220-VET-000024924 

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